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Daniel Sachs, Attorney
703.415.0012 ext. 101

If you have a legal concern, I may be able to help. I am available to serve as local counsel in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division. I offer legal services for individuals and small to medium size employers. I have been practicing law for more than ten years, and I was formerly general counsel for District 28 of the United Mine Workers of America. Please contact me to discuss your legal needs regarding commercial, election contests, contracts, employment, collections, elder law, personal injury, and wills trusts and estate planning. The legal work I will not do includes real estate closings, SEC representation, Hatch-Waxmann representation, and criminal law. I am a member of the bar of the Courts of Virginia. I also have a lifelong interest in politics, and I run the popular political news web service at D.C.'s Political Report.

My phone number is 703-415-0012, extension 101, and my email address is .

The following may answer some of your questions about my services:

Question 1. Will I take work on a contingency basis. No, except in very unusual cases and in personal injury cases.

Question 2. Do I require a retainer before filing suit in court? Yes.

Question 3. Do I require a written engagement agreement disclosing expectations, scope of services to be performed, and costs, before taking on a new client? Yes. I use a standard engagement agreement template which I modify to fit the particular facts relating to your situation.

Question 4. Can you pay online, by PayPal or credit card? Yes. We prefer check since that avoids bank fees. However, we accept payment online via PayPal or credit card. There is a link to online payment on our home page. For convenience, click here for the online payment link.

** If you are an individual, corporate representative, attorney or law firm interested in patents, please contact Dr. Neifeld at 703-415-0012, extension 100 or email address, . Please send instructions for new patent application filings in the USPTO to or via facsimile to our facsimile number 703-415-0013.

** If you are an individual, corporate representative, foreign attorney or law firm interested in trademarks, please contact Bruce Margulies at 703-415-0012, extension 102 or email address, . Please send instructions for new trademark application filings in the USPTO directly to Bruce at his email address, , or via facsimile to our facsimile number, 703-415-0013.

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