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Richard Neifeld, Patent Attorney
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We know patent prosecution and PTAB proceedings. That is our bread and butter. Dr. Hahl and I have both been prosecuting patents since 1990, and we each have worked on hundreds of patent applications. We have both been involved in patent litigation, and we both have substantial experience with patent interferences. However, a majority of our work is patent prosecution, advice and counseling. In addition, as you can see from our Attorneys, Advanced IP Articles, and Firm News pages, we (as well as our non patent attorneys) are active in local and international BAR associations. I often give talks and write articles on various aspect of patent law. In addition, we have a substantial electronic and procedural infrastructure, employing a managed multi sever network, and "double docketing", and highly trained personnel, to ensure that no critical dates are ever missed.

If you are an attorney or law firm in the U.S. or overseas, please click here to download a specification of what we need from you for patent and trademark filings, filing costs, and payment expectations.

If you are not an attorney or law firm, please call or email us to discuss your needs. If after consultation you are interested in retaining our firm, we are interested in working with you, and we have no legal conflict, we will draft and send you an engagement agreement tailored to your situation. You can see our draft engagement agreement along with our other standard information, which is in a zipped file that you can download here.

What others have said about our services:

"Rick, it is great to see a firm that is so organized. If only you ran every law firm in the world, we would be humming along." Keith A. Newburry, VP, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Edwards Lifesciences.

"I can't make a stronger recommendation for counsel in litigation proceedings before the USPTO. I would bet they are just as good in Federal Court as well, but candidly, we have no experience with them in that. Nevertheless, I wouldn't hesitate a second to engage them if we needed representation in court, or for any patent issue for that matter." James T. Ayers, Jr., CEO Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation.

"Rick, I want to compliment you on a job very well done yesterday. You were prepared and thorough. Honestly, I felt sorry for [the expert witness]." Michael Scalise, Executive Director, Intellectual Property Mgt. Greatbatch, Inc.

"[Rick] Outstanding Depo. Was fun to watch you at work. Your calm and easy going manner got him to keep talking even as he sensed he was being discredited in the extreme. Impressive performance." Robert Stevenson, Senior Scientist, Greatbatch, Inc.

“Thank you very much – great job!" Alexander Poltorak, Chairman & CEO, General Patent Corporation.

“Thank you so very much for your excellent work.” Uri Cohen, Ph.D.

"Thank you for your invaluable assistance. Always timely. Always helpful." John Nathan, Partner, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP.

"I appreciate your updates, and particularly these re the PTAB. And I would greatly appreciate a copy of your draft article. Could you please keep me in mind for future updates/info you gather/analysis re PTAB practice?" Professor Lisa A. Dolak, Director, Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics, and the Media at Syracuse University.

"We don't know each other, but I wanted to say hello and compliment you on the AIA presentation that you linked in your email last week. I have made several AIA presentations, but yours is really well done, and helpful, as are all of your posts." Bryan Wheelock, Principal, Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C.

“It’s always an education conversing with you.” Michael Scalise, Ex. Dir., Intellectual Property Mgt., Greatbatch, Inc.

"Rick's technical expertise and his knowledge of all aspects of patent prosecution are highly impressive. Rick is a true perfectionist who is able to focus on both the details and understand the impact and significance to the business. I strongly recommend Rick." Justin Summer, Catalina Marketing.

"Rick is a recognized patent law expert and outstanding lawyer generally. I recommend him highly to all. He has consistently been an impressive member of the patent bar." Rouget F. Henschel, Partner, Foley and Lardner.

"Rick is one of the nicest and most informed patent attorneys I have ever worked with. He is always willing to share his extensive knowledge base with friends and colleagues and always answers questions in such a way as to provide helpful and practical advice. I highly recommend Rick and his law firm for any patent-related work. He will do an excellent job." Gautam Prakash, Associated, Baker Donelson.

"Rick Neifeld is a bright, innovative patent attorney with offices close to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We attended law school together at George Washington University. Since graduation, Rick has done it all ... worked at a large patent law firm, started his own law firm and been a leader in the patent and interference bar. We have not worked together, but I admire and respect his work ethic and creativity." Janelle Waack, Novak Druce.

"Rick is a great patent attorney with depth of knowledge in the subject matter and a keen sense of judgment and creativity in analyzing and solving a problem. He has great people skills and strong work ethics. It was a pleasure to work with Rick." Shriram Bagrodia, Ph.D. "Rick is a well known member of the patent interference bar and he is Maier & Maier's go to guy for any complex patent or interference law questions." Tim Maier, Esq., Maier & Maier, PLLC.

"Rick is not only an excellent legal expert, but technically competent as well. He makes it a point to fully understand your work as well as providing expert feedback and guidance. He remains abreast of the latest changes from the USPTO and keeps his clients well-informed." Jim Clack, Catalina Marketing.

"Rick is a great patent attorney with depth of knowledge in the subject matter and a keen sense of judgment and creativity in analyzing and solving a problem. He has great people skills and strong work ethics. It was a pleasure to work with Rick." Shriram Bagrodia, Ph.D., Cereplast.

“You are terrific! Thanks! Look forward to working with you more.” Rachel Teitelbaum, Ph.D., Wolff, Bregman and Goller.

"I have worked with Rick for many years on both patent and trademark matters. He has a tremendous wealth and depth of knowledge in the field that is as far as I know unmatched. I give him my unqualified recommendation." Martin Goffman, Ph.D., Martin Goffman Associates.

"Kudos to you, Bruce, for your tenaciousness. You guys are the best!" Carol Chapman, Catalina Marketing.

"Great Article ... I just read your article regarding restrictions. I found it very informative." Christopher Paul Mitchell (Chris), Registered Patent Attorney.

"[t]hat's a really cool way to transfer files. I'm going to see if our IT people can set us up to do the same." Susan Mack, Sughrue Mion, PLLC.

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** If you are an individual, corporate representative, foreign attorney or law firm interested in trademarks, please contact Bruce Margulies at 703-415-0012, extension 102 or email address, . Please send instructions for new trademark application filings in the USPTO directly to Bruce at his email address, , or via facsimile to our facsimile number, 703-415-0013.

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** If you are interested in Business Law issues, please contact Daniel Sachs at 703-415-0012 extension 101 or email address, .

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