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Bruce Margulies, Patent Attorney, MBA
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If you have a trademark or related concern, I may be able to help. My phone number is 703-415-0012, extension 102, and my email address is . If you are an attorney or law firm in the U.S. or overseas, please click here to download a specification of what we need from you for patent and trademark filings, filing costs, and payment expectations.

I offer the following trademark related service:

What others have said about our services:

"I had been in a legal situation [… and Bruce] has negotiated a great win-win settlement that exceeded what anyone else even hoped for and has helped define my company in a new light that has put me in new markets and has created great opportunities that weren't available before." Catie Wyman-Norris, Founder “Energy Essentials” and the "Catie's" brand.

“Bruce is a skilled, detail-oriented patent and trademark attorney. He successfully prosecuted numerous patents for Catalina and secured many trademarks critical to our business. He is ultra-responsive and highly efficient managing a complex IP portfolio.” Claire M. DeMatteis, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary, Catalina Marketing.

"I can see you have good experience in these matters; I also like the fact that you hold an MBA degree, as me, and therefore, we can speak the same language." Sergio Salaverry, SPS Import & Export Inc.

"You have been great with your services Bruce." David Dowies, ABR, REO Specialist VA & DC.

"Kudos to you, Bruce, for your tenaciousness. You guys are the best!" Carol Chapman, Catalina Marketing.

Please feel free to review my TM related publications linked below:

"Considerations While Defending a Trademark Opposition" Margulies, Bruce, February28, 2011.

The USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board is on Board with On-line Commerce” Margulies, Bruce, November 16, 2007

Aditional IP Articles by Our Firm

You can find samples of USPTO records relating to my trademark work at the following link:

Published Decisions of the TTAB on Trademark Oppositions and Cancellations

** If you are an individual, corporate representative, attorney or law firm interested in patents, please contact Dr. Neifeld at 703-415-0012, extension 100 or email address,. Please send instructions for new patent application filings in the USPTO to or via facsimile to our facsimile number 703-415-0013.

Business Law
** If you are interested in Business Law issues, please contact Daniel Sachs at 703-415-0012 extension 101 or email address, .

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